The heart of laughoff

Born from a desire to challenge staged social norms, LaughOff is our answer to genuine connections. No pretense, just real moments and hearty laughs.

let's keep it real

Snap & Share

Capture and share life's genuine moments. No edits, just authenticity.

Bring on the humor

Caption & Connect

Friends have 48 hours to add their funniest captions before the photos disappear.

made the cut?

Upvote & Laugh

Engage with the community, upvote your favorites, and celebrate the funniest captions.


Receive timely notifications when your friends upload new photos, add captions anonymously, and when your captions get upvoted.

Relive Memories

Visit your profile to see the photos you've shared and the captions they've inspired. Only YOU can view these memories, preserving the laughter of your moments.

Engage & Celebrate

LaughOff is more than an app; it's a daily ritual. Add captions, vote for the funniest ones and enjoy genuine moments and shared laughs with friends.

July 15th

Targeted Launch!
Join the Revolution

Stay Ahead of the Curve

With LaughOff, you're not just engaging with an app; you're stepping into a movement that's reshaping the very fabric of social media. Be part of this transformative journey.

LaughOff is our way of bringing back authenticity in a world of polished posts. We want to celebrate the real, unfiltered moments that truly connect us. I'm excited to see how it brings us closer.  

Mamadou Ndiaye


LaughOff is a space where every laugh shared is a moment of genuine connection. My dream? For every user, no matter where they are, to leave our platform a little happier than they came.

Pranav Jothi


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